Central America 1921


I need to express that my favourite maps are the ones made by geo_spatialist. He uses vintage maps and merges them with topographic data to give the elevation effect. I've tried recreating this 3D effect with Blender, using my own base maps which are the Yeguada Lagoon map and the Aegean Islands post. This time, I looked for a Central America vintage map which I got from France's National Bibliothéqe online. The process is not straightforward. I had to georeference the vintage map which I did in QGIS and ended up having more than 150 control points. My DEM which is from SRTM, needs to be the exact same extent as the vintage colour map for them to perfectly match in Blender, of course, or in my experience, it never fits perfectly. Lastly, when both files are ready (color map and DEM), the magic is done in Blender.